Pearl Harbor

The attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese had been planned for long time and President Roosevelt knew about it. There were talks about the attack but, not so that the Americans would think anything terrible and go to extreme measures to protect the country. When the news that the Japanese were bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki the islands of Pearl Harbor not a single person even moved to try and stop them. The Japanese were bombing for days before anything was truly done to stop the big bombings. The Americans knew no details for days, how many men had been killed or even how bad the islands had been bombed. FDR knew about everything he just didn't plan to take any actions. Churchill questioned FDR about the attacks at Pearl Harbor and he replied" we are all in the same boat." That statement right there alone says he knows they are attacking but, we are also doing something to them sot it all doesn't matter. Everyone was rushed to declare war on Japan but, the President had no urge it was just another day in his life. All the parties and gatherings went on as planned while the Harbor got bombed. The situation was pretty awkward but, he knew it was going to happen and just choose not to do anything about it.
I think that England had the most to gain with the invasion of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. If the United States never got involved in WW2 then England would have lost the war if the U.S didn't join and fight really hard. England has U.S to thank for the victory. Also it benefited FDR because now he was finally in a war which he had been trying to get in for a long time and now it was perfect time. Although he knew of the attacks by the Japanese this was a way to show them that Americans can beat them and that they may have not come up right away to fight but, they eventually would and they would be successful. This made FDR's presidency a good one because now he got the country into the war and out of…


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