Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is the story of two friends, who in the midst of a World War find them selves fighting their own war. This movie starts out in Tennessee in the early 1920’s with two boys this is manily to illisrate how close they are to each other and at how a young age they care for each other. Then the story moves along to the 1940’s the two seem to be the dynamic duo. They compliment each other. Reef has decided to go ahead and fight in the war for Britain. He dose something rarley ever done. He lies to Danny to keep him safe. Then asks him to take care of his Love Evelyn.

Evelyn and Danny are stationd in Pearl Harbor. A calm and peacfull paridice. While Reef is gunned sown into below freezing water. To be thought dead. Three months Later Danny and Evelyn still greving find comfort in each others arms. They fill the space that Reef left when he died.When they begain to fall Deeply in love one night Reef comes back. Only to say that he hasn’t died and can now be with Evelyn for ever.He quickly realizes what happens and Losses the two people he cares about most.

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That night after Danny and Reef fight they leave together and fall asleep in a car on the Beach They are awaken to the horrible sight of Pearl Harbor being attacked. Throughthis they come togther and forget all that has happend to help their country. They are comended for their efforts and are asked to join the Dolittle raid. a top secret mission. They both acsept. That’s when Reef finds out Evelyn is Carying Danny’s child but she still loves him. The next day they leave for training.

They quickly discover that they will raid Japan . This mission is likley to claim their lives. Trough training Danny and Feef become close again. when they are forced to raid early the mission seems to have failed . But it gave America Hope this was the turning point. When the plains crashed Reef was worried about Dany he risked his lifde to make sure he was okay . In turns they …


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