Out Federalizing Federalists

Jefferson, Out federalizing the Federalists?
Jefferson appeared to be a die-hard Republican, however many people question whether or not Jefferson used Federalists ideals during his reign as President.Jefferson ran for president as a Democratic Republican.He was a very firm believer in a strict interpretation of the constitution, which was one of the many beliefs of Democratic Republicans.Many things that Jefferson did while he was in office represented what a true Democratic Republican would do.No matter what the case, Jefferson always tried to do what he believed any Democratic Republican would do.Although Jefferson always tried to follow his parties beliefs, sometimes he did sway towards Federalist ideals.It would be hard to say that Jefferson out federalized federalists, but he did follow many of their beliefs.Therefore it would be easiest to say that Jefferson was in the middle between the two parties, but leaning a little farther towards Democratic Republican.
For the most part Jefferson was a Democratic Republican.He was a very strict constructionist.Before most important decisions, Jefferson would verify with the constitution to see if it was constitutional or not.Before buying the Louisiana Purchase, Jefferson had to make sure that there was a way to prove that it was constitutional.Jefferson found in the constitution that is was a right of the president to make treaties, and that the Louisiana Purchase was a treaty. Also Jefferson thought that the farmers were the people1, which was another belief of many Democratic Republicans.The way Jefferson
responded to the war with Britain and France was also a way of incorporating
Democratic Republican beliefs.The embargo act and its effects responded in a negative effect, but was good for the nation in the long run.It proved that war would result in domestic reforms in many cases, and they would have to be dealt with.Jeffer


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