NIcholas Coppernicus

Nicolaus Copernicus was a Polish astronomer, best known for the astronomical theory that the sun is stationary and Earth, spinning on it's axis once daily, revolves around the sun annually.He was very intelligent and was educated at various universities.If Copernicus hadn't challenged Pltolmy's theory, it would have affected us in many ways.Space travel, satellites, and weather prediction would not be as advanced.
Nicolaus Copernicus was born on February 19, 1473 in Torun, Poland (Wood 87).He was born into a family of merchants.Copernicus uncle, Bishop Lukasz Watzerode, made sure his nephew obtained a solid education.In 1491 Copernicus enrolled in Jagiellonian University.From there he studied liberal arts for four years but received no degree.Like many others he went to Italy to study medicine and law (Smith 1039).Before he left, his uncle appointed him a church administrator in Fronbork.He then used the money from there to pay for school.Copernicus began to study canon lay at the University of Bologna in 1497.At that time he, was living at the home of mathematics professor, Domenico Maria de Novara.Copernicus astronomical and geographical interests were greatly inspired by Novara (Westman).Around 1500 Copernicus gave speeches on astronomy to people in Rome.Later that year he gained permission to study medicine at Padua University.Copernicus, without completing his medical studies, received a doctorate in canon law from Ferrara in 1503, after which he returned to Poland to take up his administrative duties (Smith 1039).
From 1503 to 1510, Copernicus stayed in his uncle's bishop palace in Lidzbark Warmiski. From there he published hisfirst book, a Latin translation of letters on morals by a Byzantine writer.Between the times of 1507 and 1515, he completed a short astronomical book.It was not published until the 19th century (Wood 87).


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