New Deal (yes)

The New Deal was a plan that took action in the 1930's to counteract the crisis of the depression.Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected during this time and brought ideas that he had while serving as the governor of New York.The biggest achievements of the New Deal were the unemployment rate went down, the economy stabilized, and the country abandoned the gold standard.
With the New Deal President Roosevelt established many new organizations whose sole purpose was creating jobs for the unemployed.These companies became known as alphabet agencies because they were often known by their initials.The largest of these was the Consumer Conservation Corps (CCC).The CCC created jobs like raking leaves in parks and digging ditches so that people would have an annual source of income.Another Big organization was the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).The TVA produced hydroelectric power plants that are still in use today. With these companies the unemployment rate dropped from 25% to nearly 15% during the years of the depression.
The decrease of unemployment helped to stabilize the economy.With people having more money, they were able to spend it on personal luxuries that helped boost the economy by creating more need for jobs.During the depression many companies that had made millions in the twenties were struggling.The Ford Company had become very powerful but their prices were becoming unreasonably high.General Motor Company helped bring the price of cars down by creating competition with Ford.Many other companies struggled during this time, but they survived with the New Deal's help and were able to stay afloat until World War II.
Another great achievement of the New Deal was President Roosevelt's decision to remove the country form the gold standard. The fold standard based the value of a dollar on the weight of gold.Abandoning this standard stabilized the value of currency.Wit


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