Throughout the years, decades and centuries of the world's tragic history, there is one specific event that is crucial and substantial to the development and outcome of how society is today- the Holocaust and Nazi Germany.It is a widely known fact that Adolf Hitler started the Holocaust during World War II (In the 1930s); but why was it started; what were the reasons behind it; and most importantly, how was it started? These are all excellent questions although do not have logical answers. Thus far, Nazism is a hard concept to grasp. It is difficult to understand how one man can single-handedly overrule a nation and acquire the vast lands and deaths that he had. Looking back today, society realizes it was absurd, but back then, Hitler and the Nazi's did have what they thought to be rational reasons to start the wave and lifestyle of Nazism.
Even before the Holocaust, Nazism was on the rise. In summer of the 1920's, the Swastika was designed, by Hitler and "quickly became the symbol of Jewish persecution" (Gottfried 44). The Nazi Party, formally known as the German Workers Party, however was not successful atfirst. In the beginning, the Nazi Party was merely a small group of individuals who sought for power. Whenfirst started, the Nazi Party was a "small fringe group that had campaigned unsuccessfully to win the factory working class away from socialism." (Overy 22) Hitler just as the former "Nazi Party" wanted to hold
all of the power that he could. He was exactly the right man to lead this unorganized group.
After Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany and he began going to the German Workers Party's meetings, he started to realize the state that Germany was in. With the Germany in severe depression, Hitler realized that the people of Germany would believe anyone and anything that was promising. Nazism was started. More and more people began to atten


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