Nazi Germany demonstrates the consequences of an hostile nation.
Adolf Hitler(1889-1945) a powerful German dictator of the twenty century brought Germany to it's down
Adolf was born to Klara and Aloise Hitler He was the fourth child. The family was not poverty-stricken by any means. His father was an important figure in Austria, he worked very hard for success. When Hitler began school in 1900 is was recognized right away that he was above average in his studies His parents decided that he would attend Realschule a secondary school that focused on the study of language and technical subjects. He did unsatisfactorily during hisfirst year; however, the second year he improved greatly he and his father on what his career choices should be. Adolf wanted to be an artist after his fathers death in 1903 he quit school his education level was ninth grade He enrolled in the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts but was rejected.
When his mother died in 1908, he pretended to be studying in Vienna that way he would be entitled to what is, called an orphan fund. When he ran out of his inheritance, he refused to work.Subsequently he ended up in a shelter for the homeless. This is where he learned about, the Aryans (an ill defined race which included the Germans) he started gathering information on politics and becoming more and more involved in the political world. He was learning how to use his voice in public and finding his own style.
In 1910, he began painting and selling postcards for a living, he did this for about three years. His life was improving.
In 1914, World War I broke out and he served from beginning to the end. He was decorated for bravery quite a few times, but never moved up in ranks, it was probably because he was a loner.


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