Nazi Siezure of Power

Frustration with a current administration, or concern with ones present state in society provides a strong foothold for new ideas to develop, grow and be heard. The Nazi Seizure of Power perfectly illustrates the prevailing reasons for Nazi dominance in a complex community of 4,700 inhabitants. It also serves as a relatively sized scale to explain the how Hitler and the NSDAP were able to establish their presence, and impose their dictatorship throughout all of Germany and beyond. One of history’s most tragic displays of human nature and interaction was the way in which the Nazi’s came to power and how they maintained it for as long as they did.We continually contemplate the psychology of Nazi Anti-Semitism and the murderous intent that arose from its growth.Yet, few question not why the Holocaust took place, but how Hitler and his radical political supporters had the capacity to infiltrate cities and impose a steadfast grip on power.It is hard to believe that ideologies structured around such obtrusive evil would have the ability to establish a position in politics or government, let alone maintain
dominance.In times of uncertainty and uneasiness, however, people thrive on entertaining the ideals of voices that scream change.
Firstly, Northeim’s Nazis created their own image by their own initiative, vigor and propaganda. The main concentration in the nazi electoral surge and seizure was on the local level; to accompany this the critical figures were the local Nazi leaders. There were constant parades and meetings, which gave the impression of irresistible enthusiasm and approval. There was the vigor in the economic area which more than anything else seem to justify the dictatorship.No one was killed and very few people were sent to concentration camps from Northeim during the early years of the third Reich.On the one occasion when Ernst Girmann seemed determined to turn, the storm troopers loose on Carl Quefert and …


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