Nazi Rule :Terror

 Nazi Rule
Nazism held total control over Germany from 1933 – 1939. The Nazis
dominated the everyday life of ordinary people and made it impossible for people to
escape the influence of Nazism in their work, their family life, and in their thinking.
Although Hitler and the Nazis did bring some prosperity to Germany in economic
and social ways at that time, overall the Nazi rule was based on terror and
The Nazi rule wasn't just another German government, this rule was centered
on the transformation of Germany which could only be done by affecting the lives
and thoughts of every German citizen. Nazi ideals were promoted through films,
theater and radio. There was no avoiding it , it was plastered across every
form of entertainment imaginable. Most Germans did seem happy with Nazi control
and rule, those who weren'thowever were severely dealtwith by either the
Gestapo or Hitler's secret service. Propaganda was used most of the time and
usually worked, but when that wasn't enough to make citizens believe in the Nazi
To encourage German people to believe in the Nazi leadership andnot think
their control was entirely based on terror and intimidation, some Nazi controlled
companies and workplaces provided workers with cheap holidays, bargain prices
for skiing or cruise ship getaways. This was done to make sure that leisure time was
used appropriately so people would not be given the time to think in order to cause
problems for Nazi control and regular Nazi day to day existence. People accepted
the social benefits and popularity given to them and ignored the Nazi controlling
Under Nazi control, women in the 1930’s seemed better off and were given
many benefits. Between 1933 and 1939 the fe


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