Throughout his book'The Prince', Machiavelli nurtures the idea that a ruler should be both loved and feared, of which it is better to be feared."Love is preserved by the link of obligation which, owing to the baseness of men, is broken at every opportunity for the advantage; but fear preserves you be a dread of punishment which never fails".This quality can be seen inherent in Napoleon.Although Napoleon made efforts to be accepted by his people, he was not intimidated or afraid to exhibit his authority. Napoleon was by no means universally loved.In his book'Napoleon 1', Albert Guerard's describes how on Christmas Eve, 1800, Napoleon "was nearly killed by a bomb planted by conspirators" who wanted to "restore the old Bourbon line of kings".Also, his tax placed on the nobility, the richest two percent of the population, was not received amicably by them.
Several of Napoleon's actions clearly resound Machiavelli's belief that "the best fortress is to be found in the love of the people".This is particularly evident in his stance on religion and his creation of the Napoleonic Code.As stated in Albert Guerard's book'Napoleon 1', the Napoleonic Code included "the abolition of privileges, the equality of all french men before the law…..the sovereign rights of the propertied classes".With the institution of the Napoleonic Code, Napoleon was creating a law system that treated that treated every individual equally, hence pleasing the majority of people.
In regards to religion, whatever new land he conquered, Napoleon adopted the religion of that land in order to gain the acceptance of the general population.Machiavellis position on keeping faith only when it is beneficial but otherwise to discard it can be seen manifest in Napoleons rule.Admitting that "the majority ofFrance is Catholic", Napoleon ma


Napoleon is known as the father of nationalism.He was thefirst emperor or leader to introduce nationalism to Europe and eventually the world.Nationalism is a powerful force in a country, which can impact a nation dramatically.By creating a spectrum of extreme nationalism and minor nationalism you can assume that along the spectrum different results are created. As seen in history, by meeting at the median of a nationalistic spectrum a nation can greatly benefit from this force.Governments should therefore promote national anthems, military support and the will of the group rather than the individual or tyrant like Napoleon or Robespierre nor reduce rights or freedoms to strive as a country of nationalism.
By supporting national anthems, unique holidays, and equality it creates a sense of pride within the country.The French anthem "Marseillaise" included words and phrases stating liberation, pride, equality and nationalism. The anthem provided and created a sense of uniqueness and unity. The Declaration of the Rights of Man of 1789 created equality across France allowing more respect for another individual.This document ushered in a new era of equality, rights, and freedoms, which inspired nationalism in France. July 14, 1789 is Bastille Day, which represents the fall of the monarchy and a pathway to liberty, equality, and fraternity which later leads to a stronger national force. By having unique days of celebration in a country creates a sense of pride, remembrance, and recognition of happy times unique to that country.In all, nationalism is created through holidays, anthems, and equality and has proved in history to be successful for a nation.
During the time of the revolution from 1789 to 1799 war, death, and revolution rose its ugly head to create a time of confusion.A man named Maximilien Robespierre arose from the liberalist woodworks and demanded a repub


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