The extravagant Natchez Nation stretched from what is now North Carolina to Arkansas during the times prior to the founding of the New World. They controlled numerous areas along both sides of the lower Mississippi River. (Barnett) The Natchez are a predecessor to the Moscogee or Creek Confederacy. Upon the arrival of the European settlers, the new diseases such as influenza, small pox, and cholera forced the Natchez as well as many other provincial nations to retreat back into Native American territory. (K.T. (Hutke) Fields)The Natchez could be given credit to the thousands upon thousands of valiant warriors who chased the crumbling and divided Spanish army under the leadership of Hernando de Soto's descendant Luis Moscoso de Alvarado. March 1682 sparked the beginnings of a relationship between the Natchez and the Europeans. Rene Robert Cavelier and his French expedition were the beginnings of what would from a distinct animosity between the people of the Natchez nation and the French. Shortly thereafter Fort Rosalie at Natchez was formed. This formed various disagreements between both the Natchez and the French. Fighting between both nations started which pushed the scattered remnants of the Natchez nation west. Many citizens went to live with their brethrens in the adjoining nations of the Chickasaws, Creeks, and Cherokees. (George Sabo III) The interactions with the different ethnicities such as the Africans and Europeans changed both the world of the new world and old world for better or for worse.
As aforementioned the Natchez were one of the many mound building civilizations of the Mississippi Valley. The Natchez had a social organization that was basically based on the relationship of the members of the Great Sun. (George Sabo III) The community leader or Great Sun managed all tribal affairs. He was also the principal war chief. Virtually one could think of the Great Sun as the living God. (K.T. (Hutke) Fields)H…


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