Mussolini’s Rule of Italy

Mussolini’s Rule of Italy
Mussolini ruled Italy between 1923 and 1939. Many important things happened during this time.
In 1922, Mussolini organized the march to Rome. 26,000 “blackshirts” marched to Rome and threatened the Italian King Emmanuel II.The King asked Mussolini to form the next government and on October 29, 1922, Mussolini became Prime Minister.
In 1923, the Acerbo Laws were formed so that the party with the most votes would recieve two-thirds of the seats in the Chamber of Deputies.Because of this, the Fascists became the largest party in Parliament.When Mussolini wins, he outlaws all other parties.
To set the seal on Mussolini’s success, the Catholic Church signed the Lateran pact with the Fascist government.For doing this, the church got complete control over education, and the Pope’s right to rule over Vatican City.Mussolini got the Pope’s acceptance of his way of running Italy.This made the people also accept him.
Also in 1923, Mussolini took control over the “22 corporations” so he could skim money off the top of them.These were things such as coal and transportation.
In 1927, the OVRA (secret police) were established.They killed people who did not obey Mussolini.To stop Hitler from invading Austria, Italy, Poland, France, and Czechoslovakia came together and formed the Stresa Front.
This stopped Hitler for awhile. In 1936, Mussolini invaded Abyssinia because he wanted the oil and wanted to make a new Roman Empire. Abyssinia let Mussolini take over. Next, Rome and Berlin signed a treaty to support each other if there was a war. Also, Mussolini sent troops to the Spanish Civil War.He did this to support other Fascists.


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