Mussolini;s Attempt at a Fascist Government and the Rise of Nationalism in Italy.

Mussolini's Attempt at a Fascist Government and the Rise of Nationalism in Italy.

Nationalism is a common feeling amongst the people of a country that puts the well being of the nation above all else.Nationalism is something that is felt, a sense of belonging. The growth of nationalism depends on two forces: it's ability to appeal to the people, offering them a sense of loyalty; and it's ability to take control as a strong political force, which works to create nation-states.Politically, this involves showing ones will to work for the nation against intrusion and domination by foreign countries, be it political, economic, or cultural.In theory, this may sound like a rather idealistic approach on how to maintain ones culture and a sense of national pride amongst the people of a country; however, realistically, as history has shown, nationalism leaves an open door for, according to Derik T. Wilson, "a radical leader to take control and lead the people in a tyrannical and oppressive way."
The father of Nationalism in Italy would be Benito Mussolini. Born in Predappio on July 29, 1883, the son of a socialist blacksmith, Mussolini began his march towards the dictatorship of Italy as a socialist journalist.As a journalist, when World War Ifirst began, he denounced Italy's involvement in the war as being imperialist; however, he later reversed his opinion and stood on the side of Italy entering the war on the side of the Allies.For this he was harshly cast out of the socialist party.He began his own paper called Il Popolo d’Italia (The People of Italy).This paper would later become an instrument of the fascist movement.
After World War I, Mussolini used the dissatisfaction of the people of Italy, as well as the poor state in which the country was being run politically and economically, to his advantage. People were hungry, unemployment was rampant, and Italy was in an utter state of distress. I…

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