Medieval Weaponry

Advanced weapons and complex technology are what distinguish civilized people from simple savages. Throughout the expansion and progression of many different human societies people needed something to rely upon to provide them with protection. The weapons people had reflected their society's culture and war strategies. For example, the Viking axe showed their ruthless nature, and the medieval European swords showed their skillful art of fencing and battle. Medieval Europe even hosted mock battles called jousts in order to make warfare into a game and artform. I find the topic of medieval weaponry very interesting, and in this essay I will tell you about some of the weapons that came about in the medieval time period.
A knight's sword was his most important weapon. It was light, but could cut easily through flesh and bone. ( swords used by knights were used to cut and thrust in the 15th century, as opposed to just cutting in the 9th century. ( The swords were originally made from bronze ( but later were made using light iron. ( Some basic parts of the sword are as follows: the blade (the steel that formed the sword), the cross (also known as the guard), the grip (the handle), and finally, the lower end (the sharpened tip of the sword). ( )
Another important weapon was the crossbow. The correct term for the crossbow is "arbalest". ( ) It was invented shortly after 1000 A.D. Its destructive effects were so dangerous that the church had banned its use in 1139 (, though it remained a weapon of great popularity in Europe.
A pole arm with a cutting blade was called


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