Mary Todd Lincoln

Baker, Jean H., Mary Todd Lincoln, A biography; New York: W. W. Norton
Jean H. Baker graduated with a B.A. from Goucher College in 1961, received a masters from John Hopkins University in 1965 and a Ph.D. in 1971.
She was the assistant professor of history at Goucher College from 1972-1976, associate professor of history at Goucher College from 1976-1981 and is presently the professor of history at the same college.
Ms. Baker has written several books including The Stevensons of Illinois 1976, Mary Todd Lincoln 1987, and Affair of Party 1982.She is currently working on a revision of Civil War and Reconstruction with David Donald and Michael Holt.
For all interested persons to understand the justification and reasoning behind the "alleged" lunacy of Mary Todd Lincoln.
Mary Ann Todd was born in Lexington, Kentucky on December 13, 1818 to Eliza and Robert Todd, a rather prominent family.She had six siblings.Her mother died when Mary Ann was only six years old.Many women died in this era due to complications of birth and incurable diseases.
Mary Todd's father, Robert, remarried shortly after hisfirst wife's death.Mary Todd never had a comfortable or loving relationship with her stepmother, Betsy.Betsy was often critical of Mary Todd and also shamed her in public.
Mary Todd was sent to a boarding school for girls and excelled in her studies even though it was not common or acceptable for young ladies to continue with schooling after a certain age.Mary was fluent in French and was very excited and interested in political issues.
In 1839, Mary Todd met and began a relationship with Abraham Lincoln.Abraham was not of her status, but she had a "feeling" that he would take her to the White House one day.They


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