Malcolm X vs Martin Luther King

In the spring and summer of 1941, the Second World War began to spiral into a truly global conflict. In 1940, the World War was in reality a combination of several regional conflicts around the globe and couldn't truly be classified as a global war. In Europe, Hitler's Germany had overrun most of the continent and stood along the Soviet Border in an anxious truce with Stalin's Soviet Union.In Asia, the Japanese Empire had gained control over much of the eastern seaboard including vital points such as Shanghai, Hong Kong and the Korean Peninsula. Finally, in Africa, the Axis powers had invaded Egypt and were beginning to spread along the Mediterranean seaboard. In 1941, however, the major world powers that had been notably absent from much military conflict, the United States and the Soviet Union, would enter and merge these regional conflicts into thefirst truly global war. On May 8th 1941, the escalation of war was very apparent in the media. The newspapers accounted the merging of conflicts that soon came to a decisive point of decision, which was whether or not the United States would join the Allied forces. As well as supplying information about the war to many citizens, the media was an important weapon in itself. The swaying of civilian views on the war was vital for all countries involved in the conflict, and the best medium for this persuasion was the mass media. Newspapers from around the world reported, predicted (often incorrectly), persuaded and in some cases affected the events occurring in the war. From ads and comic strips, to articles and pictures, the newspapers of May 8th 1941, not only transferred information to the masses, but transformed the views of the masses, and in a part, the outcome of the war.
In May of 1941, there was no visible end in sight to a war that was just continuing to expand.The European war was now in the skies and the seas as the Luftwaffe pounded British cities and fac…


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