Malcolm X

Malcolm Little, a revolutionary black power advocate and civil rights leader was brought into this world on May 19, 1925.The period of Malcolm's life from 1952 to his assassination in 1965 will be discussed thoroughly in this essay.Malcolm believed that a common foe, the white man, hindered black, brown, red, and yellow people's freedom worldwide throughout most of his life.Malcolm was a balck nationalist or seperateist during most of his life too.Malcolm in one of his last interviews said that he had made mistakes during his life, and he was accountable for these mistakes.Malcolm's biggest mistake was holding the racist view that all white men are evil, but he later altered this view.A man who takes responsibility for his actions, is noble: Malcolm X was noble because he stood in the face of the black Muslims, and said, "I was wrong in holding that all white men are evil, and you are wrong also, if you hold this belief."Malcolm X was murdered because he had a noble soul, he fought ferociously for "colored" people's freedom, and this is what he should be remembered for.
Malcolm was the fourth child born to Earl and Louise Little.Malcolm's father was a Christian minister, he worked for the unity of black people and this determination rubbed off on Malcolm.Earl and Louise worked for the Universal Negro Improvement Association, which urged blacks to free themselves from white dependence.The UNIA, taught black people to be proud of their blackness, and its members promoted the "back to Africa" movement.Malcolm's home life was plagued by physical hunger: "Malcolm's mother, would boil up a big pot of dandelion greens to feed her eleven children, all of them dizzy from hunger….[on] luckier days they would eat cornmeal mush. ( Gallen, 1)Despite this physical hunger Malcolm was spiritually fed by his family.Malcolm's father was murdered when…


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