Malcolm X

Malcolm X experienced several tribulations and proceedings that sculpted the way he led the African-American Civil Rights Movement.Other leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr., George Washington Carver, W.E.B. Dubois, Marcus Garvey, and Frederick Douglass utilized peaceful tactics in order to better the African-American population.The society of Malcolm X's era differed from the times of previous movements and called for a change in leadership styles.Malcolm X's life experiences truly had an intense impact on the way he uniquely guided the African-American Civil Rights Movement.
The life of Malcolm X could be split into three completely diverse periods where his views on racism changed in correspondence with his name.During the beginning years of his life, Malcolm Little existed as a criminal who conformed to his societies' view on racism (X, **).In the middle years of his life, Malcolm X existed as an extremely influential preacher for the Nation of Islam who thought of white people as devils (**).After his trip to the Middle East and Africa, Malik El-Shabazz viewed racism as the ill-fated result of particular situations rather than as a suggestion that white people are evil (**).
Malcolm X was born Malcolm Little to a Baptist preacher and during this time, he developed his initial beliefs on racism (**).At an early age, Malcolm was discouraged from becoming a lawyer despite his exceptional grades and his class president status (**).Malcolm Little moved to Harlem in an attempt to escape the racial identity that society had tagged him with.In Harlem, Malcolm Little turned to a life of crime and became a drug-dealing thief, which he eventually was incarcerated for (**).During his life as Malcolm Little, Malcolm attempted to conform to society's beliefs and deny his African heritage.
While serving time in jail, Malcolm Little sought and found solutions answering his race questions in the Nati…


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