Organized crime has plagued America for a full century and has had a serious
affect on Society. Organized crime is any group having some manner of formalized
structure whose primary objective is to obtain money through illegal activities. Through
violent tactics, organized crime is often very affective. The Mafia, more specifically the
Italian-American Mafia is a group of criminals organized into "families", and operating
primarily in North America.Organized crime is a widespread topic of concern among
many Americans due to its popularity in the media and entertainment industry.The public
is aware of its existence, yet is not fully aware of why and how this complex "underworld"
exists.In order to completely understand this area of criminology, one must take into
account the characteristics of organized crime and the individual motives to commit this
The beginnings of organized crime can be traced back to periods of vast amounts
of immigration within the United States.Many of the immigrants sought wealth and
prosperity upon their arrivals but inevitably found themselves to be members of the lower
class.While some groups, such as the Jews, were able to climb the social ladder, other
groups faced hostility and racism, hindering their acquisition of wealth.Their movement
toward crime can be explained by Differential Opportunities theory.This says that there
are both legitimate and illegitimate means to achieve desired goals.In the immigrants' case
they want what American society offers and expects of all success yet they are prevented
from legitimately achieving this goal because of opportunity blockage, that is poverty and
discrimination.In turn, the immigrants turned to a criminal subculture as means to attain
their goals.They begin violating an extreme amount of criminal statutes such as extortion,
murder, bribery, fraud, narcotics, and labor racket…


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