In 1861 the South seceded from the union with the election of president Lincoln as the final draw. To them he, being a Republican, embodied everything that they were against. They seceded for numerous reasons, the North seemed to now dictate the South, Lincoln didn't believe in the expansion of slavery rather limiting it and more…
The South's immediate secession after Lincoln's inauguration was mainly due to built up hatred of the North. Because the North was supportive of Lincoln and because he was of the Republican Party, the South basically had a conceptual image of him as one who would be against the South. Too many battles and too many protests and too many words had been fought and so there no longer stood out an individual from the North who might happen to be a Southern sympathizer nor visa versa, to them the North exemplified the Anti-slavery abolitionists who fought to set their property free and who wanted to muffle and diminish the South, their rights, and their lifestyle. Lincoln was just another representative of that.
The South also felt that they were losing their power and influence in the country. The North practically dominated the manufacturing business and so everything that the South used came from the North, they felt unwillingly dependent on the South. The North also was in control of the new railroads which were expanding across the nation.
"…everything comes from the North. We rise from between sheets made in Northern looms, and pillow's of Northern feathers, to wash in basins made in the North…We eat from Northern plates and dishes; our rooms are swept with Northern brooms, our gardens dug with Northern spades…and the very wood which feeds our fires is cut with Northern axes, helved with hickory brought from Connecticut and New York." (Garraty 381)
Although Lincoln explicitly stated that he would not rid slavery from the southern slave sta


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