Lenape Indians

The Delaware Indians or "Lenape Indians" are such a great tribe to research and learn about.There are several reasons for choosing this tribe to study about.The chief reason (no pun intended) is the fact that the Delaware Indian tribe was located in New Jersey.By studying this tribe, I can understand more about the tribe and also about the early ages of my home-state.
The Delaware Indians have such a strong a successful history.Starting with the early ages of the tribe,The Delaware Indians set the pace for the rest of the Native American Tribes.In the beginning, the Delaware Indians were located in the lands of Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana.They we thefirst Native American tribe to actually start communicating with the Europeans( The British and the Dutch).They were not only a strong tribe willing to associate with the Eurpoeans, but they they would not accept any troubles handed to them by outsiders.If the Europeans wanted to negotiate, then they would have to do it though talks and treaties because the Delaware Indians were some of the strongest warriors in the land.The Europeans did just that…they negotiated.This did not benefit the Delaware Indians because they were just fooled off the land into smaller and less fertile areas.
The Delaware Indians have so much that make the tribe more unique that any other.Thefirst and Largest reasons was how the tribe got started.Here is the story:
A man returning from hunting found a curious hole in the ground.
He looked into it and somebody spoke to him.
But the thing did not tell him, only said it was his grandfather.
"If anyone wishes to hear stories, let them come here and roll into a little tobacco or a bead, and I will tell them a story.
The grandfather told them never to tell stories after it begins to get warm in the spring.


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