Legends Born Not Created

The greatness of an individual is somewhat determined by contributions made to one's race and assistance provided to one's country.Perhaps, once in a generation, or even rarer, once in a lifetime, there exists that person, created by God, who not only contributes to a race, assists their country, but voyages far beyond greatness and inspires the world.Such a man, such a legend, no, such a hero was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta Georgia – Martin Luther King, Jr.This ordinary man, this individual of theology, this legend, had a dream that was created to last far beyond his own mortality.Through leadership forged with determination and steeled with bravery, a foundation was laid that would lead us all to "the promised land" of equality.
From the Montgomery Bus Boycott to the formation of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference to the March on Memphis, Dr. King remains a bastion (leader) of Black Power.Though the parapet surrounding Dr. King would be breached in Memphis, the work of this man to instill moral right will forever live.Through beliefs imparted in a small Baptist church in Atlanta, Dr. King would lead the "March" on a nation divided by color and separated by an ocean of indifference.His battle to have his children judged not "by the color of their skin but by the content of their character" required more than leadership.With bulldog tenacity, (Determination) Dr. King would rally a nation, armed with little more than the teachings of Ghandi and an eloquence of speech.
Though Rosa Parks provided the impetus for the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Dr. King's resolute determination propelled the issue to the United States Supreme Court.The "Stride Toward Freedom" and King's manipulation of the public psyche had begun.Using the pulpit provided at the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, King sojourned with an issue lesser


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