Legendary Heroes: Odysseus an

Legendary Heroes:Odysseus and Achilles
The characters Odysseus in Homer's The Odyssey, and Achilles in Homer's The Iliad, both prove to be legendary heroes in these epics, as they each possess distinctive qualities that create their heroic legacy.Odysseus is a hero renowned for his brain as well as his physicality.He possesses positive attributes of patience, courage, and endurance, yet his sensualness and his excessive pride appear to be his weaknesses.The Iliad centers around the rage of Achilles, who is an incredible fighter and hero, who shows the greatest military prowess of the Achaean ranks and has the greatest fighting ability of all the warriors, however, he too shows a flaw of excessive pride.
Odysseus's attribute of patience shows through as he saves himself and his men numerous times, for example, when Odysseus disguised himself as a beggar when he eventually reached Ithaca, waiting for the right moment to reveal himself.However, Odysseus's greatest character flaw was that of excessive pride.This weakness is apparent when Odysseus is on the Cyclopes' island.He and his men are safely away from the island, yet he is still bragging about his exploit, and to further his excessiveness, he reveals his identity to Polythemus, who then tells his father Poseidon to punish the man who had harmed him.Because of too much pride, Odysseus ends up harming himself, as his voyage home became even longer and more treacherous, because of the wrath of Poseidon.Another of Odysseus's weaknesses of sensualness is seen when he stays with Circe for one year before his men reminded him of home.In addition, he stayed with Calypso for seven years, which reveals his love of women.
On the contrary to Odysseus, Achilles is seen as more of a warrior and a fighter.Not only is Achilles troubled by problems with his fellow soldiers, but he also must face the fact that he has chosen to live a short …


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