Lee Harvey Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald and U.S. Intelligence

By Philip H. Melanson
The thesis of this book is, "…Oswald's links to CIA- related persons, projects, and contexts appear far stronger than do those to any other U.S. intelligence agency…" (p. 4)This book is all about the allegations that Lee Harvey Oswald is in some way, shape, or form is involved with the CIA. There are many noticeable things that have led to these allegations and to this day it is still a mystery.There can be a case made that Oswald was and was not involved with the CIA.I chose this particular quote because it gives the reader the main idea of the book, and it shows that he could've been in the CIA or possibly in some other intelligence agency.Most people including myself never knew that Oswald was involved in anything dealing with the U.S.There are many different incidents in which Lee Harvey Oswald has had some knowledge of or involvement in and this book goes into these incidents.The thesis ties in directly, with the main idea of this book, because it talks about all the things that Oswald was involved.
When Oswald had joined the Marine Corps he was assigned a year later to the Marine Air Control Squadron at Atsugi Air Force Base, Japan." Atsugi was no ordinary base.In clandestine, "black" means secret. Atsugi was one of the blackest bases anywhere in the world." (p. 7)There was an aircraft there that was to photograph intelligence over the Soviet Union and China.This quote supports the thesis of this book because it shows that Oswald was involved in secret U.S. operations from thefirst year he was in the Marines.From this experience Oswald had some knowledge into U.S. intelligence such as where missile-sites, airfields, training facilities and many other war-like places in both China and the Soviet Union.The U-2 was the name of this plane and the Soviet's could do nothing about it because it…

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