Scott Rogers

There are many countries in the world today that can be classified as “third world”.A country that is a third world could mean a lot of things.A third world country is a country that does not have a lot of political power.This kind of country is usually poor, and underdeveloped.One such third world country is Lebanon.
Lebanon is a small country located east of the Mediterranean Sea.It shares its boarders with Syria, and Israel.The capitol is Beirut.Lebanon covers 10,452 sq. km of land. (Britannica)The government of Lebanon is a republic, with a president.They hold elections and have a cabinet also.A document called the National Pact diversified the government holdings of Lebanon.It states that the president must be a Maronite Christian, the Prime Minister must be a Sunni Muslim, the speaker of the parliament must be a Shiite Muslim, and the armed forces chief of staff must be a Druze.Parliamentary seats were set up in a six to five ratio of Christians to Muslims.The parliament has legislative powers and elects the president to a six-year non-renewable term.The last election was held in 1996.
The population of Lebanon is roughly 3 or 4 million, but there hasn’t been an official census taken there since 1932. (Lebanon online)Lebanon is a very densely populated, and the most out of the Arab states.More then four-fifths of the country are urban, and more then one-third of the population is younger then fifteen.
Lebanon is a market economy.The GDP is $9.5 billion, and the GNP per capita is $2700. (Britannica)Agriculture accounts for one-tenth of the GDP.However, this has been disrupted due to civil war in the last twenty years.What agriculture they do have is on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.Citrus fruits, apples and grapes are leading cash crops. (Britannica)Because Lebanon is not agriculturally self-sufficient, they import lots of meats, and vegetables.Manufacturing …

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