Kennedy assasination

It’s the most controversial cases in American history. Did Lee Harvey Oswald in fact kill President Kennedy alone, or was there a conspiracy involved? And if there was a conspiracy was Oswald involved? Most Americans believe that indeed there was a conspiracy and there is more to the story than what the government would like the public to know. Almost immediately following this assasination there has been numerous theories presented which contradict the governments story. Many of these theories have valid arguments which cannot be ignored. This incident took place nearly 40 years ago but the contoversy surrounding this incident has not dwindled one bit.
John F. Kennedys legacy as president of the United States goes beyond the assasination. JFK was looked at as a symbol of progressive liberalism who would be against such wars as the war in Vietnam and the Cold War. Many conspiracy theorist believe that the asssasination was an attempt to stop the progressive ideas of Kennedy. But above all else Kennedy was looked at as a gifted speaker and leader who was assertive and always had his hand on the pulse of America.
November 22, 1963 was a day that will forever be a glaring day in American History a day that will be remembered forever by all who were alive to experience what was the assasination of an American icon.The plan for this day was a motorcade through Dallas in an attempt to increase popularity in a city he had lost in the 1960 election. The Motorcade was scheduled to stop at 12:30 at the Trade Mart where he would give a luncheon speech, but the motorcade would never make it this far. As the presidents car headed down Elm Street at about 11 mph nearing the conclusion of the motorcade shots were heard and the president was hit. The car then immediately headed to the Memorial Hospital 4 miles away. Kennedy was immediately treated when he reached the Hospital but the damage was too severe and by 1:00 pm the President was official…


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