Joseohines Influence on the great Napoleon

A young woman by the name of Josephine Rose-Marie Tascher arrived in France from the tropical island of Martinique in the midst of the greatest political and social up heaving.With her innate grace and charm she secured herself a position of prominence that enabled her to capture the affection of Napoleon Bonaparte an up and coming French artillery officer from Island of Creole ( was the beginning of one of histories most passionate and extraordinary love affairs.Napoleon instantly fell in love with Josephine and they married on March 8, 1776. The marriage of Josephine and the great Napoleon was one of turbulence, yet Josephine had a great impact on his decisions and his rise to power and fame.Josephine was a respectable and likable person with a high social status which aided to Napoleon and his advancements.Emotionally, Napoleon was affected greatly by Josephine both directly and indirectly. Josephine’s influence on Napoleon’s emotions was profound in the way that it affected his decisions and actions. Also, Josephine was a smart and intelligent woman whose opinions were of great value to Napoleon and he often took them into consideration when making extremely important decisions.
Socially, Josephine had a great impact on Napoleon’s advancements and his success in many areas of life.Early on in the marriage Napoleon discovered how useful Josephine could be to forwarding his position in society and in the military.He often made her his advocate, taking her along when he went to ask an important favour of someone (Erickson 132).She would often speak on his behalf because her remarkable social skills, amiable personality (Cartland 104), and because of her high social status that she obtained from herfirst husband1.Remarkably, it was Josephine who in the winter of 1795 asked that Napoleon be given command of the Italian army (Erickson 132).Sureenough shortly after her…


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