John F Kennedey

"If somebody wants to shoot me with a rifle from the window, nobody can't stop it, so

why worry about it". The president was a little afraid, unfortunately what the president

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said it came truth. John F. Kennedy served years as president from January 20,1961

to November 22,1963. John F. Kennedy was the youngest president . He also died


John F. Kennedy was born in Brookline Massachusettsin May 29,1917

He died in November 22,1963 in Dallas TexasJohn F. Kennedy was married to

Lovely Jacqueline Lee Bouvier. They had two precious children Caroline Bouvier

Kennedy and John Jr. Kennedy. The surviving family member of his family is his

family is his wonderful daughter Caroline Bouvier Kennedy. John F. Kennedy

Began his political career in the Navy, was a Congressman, and US senator.

Kennedy had to faced many problems of racial discrimination that was going

on the United States. In 1954 the US supreme Court had to ruled that segregation

in public schools. That meant that the colored people had to have their own school.

All the white had the better schools . So Kennedy thought of making a law for that

racial discrimination. Throughout the southern United States did not obey the law.

That was his major accomplishments that he did for the USA.

John F. Kennedy was known before he was president as a journalist, and author.

After he was they knew him as the president that did a lot for the colored people

A really brave man that took a lot of critism through out the USA, just because

he was against racial discrimination. One interest fact is that he liked sailing,swimming

and football.

Also did you know that John F. Kennedy had rumors going on in early 1947.

That he had a romance with Durie Malcom. That romance started in January 20,1947

that was in New York. The rumors did lasted long period of time until 1961. The



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