JFK’s Assassination

A nagging question still haunts the minds of many Americans.Did Lee
Harvey Oswald really act alone, as the Warren Commission’s report stated,
or was there a conspiracy, hatched by the Mob, the CIA, the FBI, or some
other organization, to kill President John F. Kennedy at the height of his
political power’Perhaps the truth will never be known, and President
Kennedy’s real murderer will never be brought to justice.Several of the
conspiracy theories refuse to die – here are some of the most popular and
enduring theories.
The CIA Theory and Jim Garrison
New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison’s theory is probably the
most well known of the conspiracy theories because it was made into a film
starring Kevin Costner and directed by Irving Stone.Garrison, through
several investigative methods, believed a local businessman named Clay Shaw
was involved in a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy, and that Shaw’s
involvement went as high as the national Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
While many historians still believe Garrison’s accusations were
“groundless” (Holland 10), the legend of his prosecution of Shaw lives on,
and there are still some unanswered questions regarding the theory, even
though Shaw was eventually found not guilty of any conspiracy or
Basically, Garrison’s theory was that Shaw was a CIA informant, who
took part in a CIA “coup d’etat” constructed to remove Kennedy from power
because of ongoing clashes with the CIA and other government agencies, and
the belief that Kennedy had socialist or communistic leanings.Garrison
wrote a book about his life and beliefs, called, “On the Trail of the
Assassins.”In that book he wrote, “‘What happened at Dealey Plaza in
Dallas on November 22, 1963, was a coup d’etat.I believe that it was
instigated and planned long in advance by fanatical anticommunists in the
United States intelligence community'” (Holland 10).Whi…


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