JFK assassination -lone gunman


January 18, 2001

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Since the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963 there have been many theories about what happened that day.

On the morning of November 22, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald arose early. He was getting a

ride to work with one of his co-workers, Buell Wesley Frazier. He slipped off his

wedding ring and left it along with $170 of saving for his wife Marina in a dresser

drawer. He met Frazier shortly after 7AM. Oswald had with him an oblong package

wrapped in brown paper when he got in the car. When Frazier asked Oswald what was in

the package he said that they were "curtain rods".Frazier later reported to the police that

Oswald seemed especially quiet on the ride to Dallas. They arrived at the Texas Book

Depository just before 8AM. Oswald had the package with him. At around 11:50AM,

employees of the book depository broke for lunch. Many of them gathered outside on the

steps to get a glimpse of the President. Oswald didn't join his co-workers, instead he

remained on the sixth floor alone. He moved a few cartons of boxes forward. He erected

a waist high barrier in front of the easternmost window. From this window he could see

the three main streets of downtown Dallas, Elm, Main, and Commerce. At 12:30PM the

President's car passed the book depository, moving down the street. Moments later three

shots were fired. Officer Marrion L. Baker, a member of the motorcade, ran to the book

depository where he thought the shots had been fired from. Marrion Baker ran upstairs,

preceded by Roy Truly, the manger of the Texas Book Depository. On the 2nd floor

landing, the two men encountered Oswald standing near a soda machine. Truly told

Baker that Oswald worked in the building and the two men continued up the stairs.

Shortly after that encounter Oswald left the building, minutes later the Dallas Police

department sealed off the building. After Oswald left…


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