Jews in the Holocaust

Between 1873 and 1896, Europe, and the world experienced a period of economic stagnation, often referred to as the "Great Depression" of the nineteenth century. Anti-Semitism spread throughout this time in Germany. Jews were blamed for whatever may have been wrong, by public officials, and politicians. By the end of the nineteenth century, anti-Semitism had become a widespread sentiment in Europe. Jews seemed to have economic stability, where others struggled, so they were blamed for the sufferings of all. Not everyone hated the Jews, there were many people who were indifferent to what went on in Germany, and still others were against the anti-Jewish cause.These people, in effort and in number, were not enough, to save the Jews from their ill fate in Europe.
In the early 1930's the liberal democracy came under attack in Western societies, something which had emancipated the Jews. Anti-Semitism increased greatly in the ten years previous to World War II. In Germany, after Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party had reached power on January 30, 1933, anti-Semitism practically became a government policy. Hitler demanded that his hatred for Jews be reinforced in government action. He claimed that Jewish people were a disease in society that he must rid the world of. He felt that the Jews were powerful, and that it was his job to defeat them, and remove their threat to the world, and his precious Aryan race. Hitler was the force behind the anti-Semitism of the Nazi party, though one could not have had the effect it did, without the other. Hitler was determined to wipe out the Jews, and the Nazi party, helped him pursue that dream. The people of Germany supported these goals in hopes of regaining economic stability and prosperity, and in support of the anti-Semitic sentiments that had lingered within them for years before Hitler's rise to power.
In Nazi Germany, Jewish persecution began by the government supporting the bo…


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