Jefferson Davis

Jefferson Davis was born on June, 3rd, 1808, in Christian
County, Kentucky. He was educated at Transylvania University and at
the U.S. Military Academy. After his graduation in 1828, he served in
the army until bad health forced him to reside in 1835. He was a
farmer in Mississippi from 1835 to 1845. Then he was elected to the
U.S. congress. In 1846, he resigned his seat in order to serve in the
Mexican War and fought at Monterrey and Buena Vista, where he
was wounded. He was a U.S. Senator from Mississippi from 1847 to
1857, and a U.S. Senator again from 1857 to 1861. As a Senator, he
was in support of slavery and states’ rights. “He also influenced Pice
to sign in the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which favored the South and
increased the bitterness of the struggle over slavery.” In his second
term as a Senator he became the spokesman for the Southern point
of view. He opposed the idea of secession from the Union as a way
of maintaining the principles in the South. Even after thefirst steps
toward secession had been taken, he tried to keep the Southern
states in the Union. When the state of Mississippi seceeded, he
withdrew from the Senate. On February 18, 1861, the congress of
the Confederate States made him president. He was elected to the
office by popular vote for a 6-year term and was inaugurated un
Richmond, Virginia, the new capital of the Confederacy. He failed to
raise enough money to fight the Civil War and could not obtain help
for the Confederacy from foreign governments. One of the
accomplishments of Jefferson Davis, was the raising of the
Confederate army. Davis had a difficult task to preform. He was the
head of the new nation in the beginnings of a major war. The South
had inferior railroads compared to the Union, no navy, no gunpowder
mills, and a reat lack of arms and ammunition. “The South’s


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