jefferson and hamilton

Both Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton are very popular known men
today. Thomas Jefferson was born in 1743 in Virginia. Both had many different ways of looking at the world. Both were very different in many ways. Hamilton was a country person, while Jefferson likes to be a city person. At that time 95% of the people lived in the country, while only 5% of the people lived in the city. Thomas Jefferson was from the south. At that time there were two sides the North and the south. In the North the main image was that you were very religious. Though, in the south the main image was to fool around, basically to have fun. Jefferson could have been recognized as a country boy. Jefferson's idea for a government was that a farmer couldn't do what a local government could do, and a local government couldn't do what a state could have done, and a state couldn't do what a Federal Government couldn't do. Jefferson's beliefs included that aristocracy was a talent, while Hamilton thought that Hamilton thought aristocracy was a form of wealth. Jefferson could be known as a scientist, author, statesman, architect, philosopher, and a farmer. Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, and came to know what is now America. Thomas Jefferson had many ups and down of his life. He became a president and served for two terms. Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States. After Jefferson's wife died in 1782 Jefferson became very lonely and sad. To overcome his loneliness Jefferson became a good friend with a married woman. They both liked the company of each other. No one knew if the friendship of the two was just more then friends. The year Jefferson was inaugurated it was 1801. Though, there was a secret relationship between Jefferson and his black housekeeper Sally Hemmings. He had several children from her as well. Jefferson never agreed too much of this but disagreed with it. Jefferson is th…


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