Japanese Women

The Japanese woman’s life cycle can be viewed as complex and simple at the same time.While her main function is taking care of other’s needs, today her role may be changing a bit.According to Confucian principles, men are considered superior to women.A women was taught that her chief duty in life was obedience,first to her father, her husband and his parents, and eventually, to her son(s).Women may only gain respect and the admiration of others through her expected role, self-sacrifice.In Japan, gender defines the roles and opportunities for both women and men.Japanese society seems to be male dominated and constraining for women.Since 1945 women in Japan have made considerable advances in freedom and in the quality of their lives.Generally the woman leads the traditional role, marriage, home, and children, with minimum interaction outside the home.Japanese are among the most marrying people in the world.By their late forties, only four percent of people h!
ave never married.Young women usually marry around the age of 26, and men at 29.Women are raised to be “good wives and wise mothers.”The woman’s basic role is supporting her husband.Many women find fulfillment in the position of wife and mother, however, today more than ever women want more, such as a career.Housewives generally handle the household finances and supervising the children’s school lessons and other activities.However, today, women make up 40% of the workforce.More than half of all married women work.Women in Japan today are having fewer children and even postponing having children and some are not having children at all.This worries
leaders and economic planners.The Equal Opportunity Law specifies that women must be given equal opportunities in hiring and promotion in the workplace.Workforces generally saw women, even with a four degree to not be a benefit since she would probably only work a few years before leaving t…


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