japan subdued

It was the year of 1945 when the U.S. and it’s Allies were in War with the country of Japan.Japan had previously attacked the United States Naval Force’s in Pearl Harbor, which had resulted in a big loss to the U.S.This event had led to the beginning of a War between the two and some of the U.S. Allies.Japan was trying to take control of a lot of the land in the East and was battling for land control. The book written by Herbert Feis talks about the time era in which the U.S. tried to make Japan during 1945 unconditionally surrender its power to the them, which then led to the Atomic Bomb-S1 usage upon Japans pride to surrender.
In the book, the author tries to tell us that the use of the Atomic Bomb could’ve been prevented if other agreements would’ve taken place between the two Countries.It also talked about how the second bomb that was used was unnecessary and should’ve have never been dropped but the U.S. Government said that is was dropped to make a clear statement to Japan.The whole reason the President and General MacArthur agreed the bomb would benefit the U.S., is that it would make Japan surrender unconditionally to the U.S. and could save lives of the U.S. Military from fighting a longer War.
Japan would not agree on the surrender terms written in Potsdam Declaration because they did not want their Emperor to fall out of a Dynasty that was to be created.Then the U.S. and it’s Allies such as the Germans, USSR, and China all gathered for a meeting with the U.S. informing them all that they were building a new weapon that was going to used on Japan to end war early.They told the Allies that the weapon would be ready early August and that one was ready to be tested on open grounds in New Mexico.
It was early August and Japan still hadn’t agreed on any terms with the U.S. and the new weapon was even closer to being ready to be dropped using B-29 aircrafts. At this time the USSR was waiting to declare wa…


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