In Japan And Its World, by Marius B. Jansen, Jansen describes the changing ideas the Japanese have had of themselves and the Western world as well as the ideas the Americans has had of the Japanese. The Japanese have had to adapt to a different world and yet go from a weak country to a major power in today's world.
In the book Japan From Shogun To Sony, by John R. Roberson, Roberson principally discusses a brief history of Japan. He also discusses Japans hardships and what it had to overcome to make it own independent status in the world today. Its difference from Japan And Its World is that Jansen deals more with the ideas economical status of Japan, while Roberson deals with a greater history.
Oda Nobunaga achieved control over the province of Owari in 1559. As many other daimyo, he was keen in uniting Japan. Strategically favorably located, he succeeded in capturing the capital in 1568.After establishing himself in Kyoto, Nobunaga continued to eliminate his enemies. Among them were some militant Buddhist camps, especially the Ikko camp that had become very powerful in several provinces. Nobunaga destroyed the Enryakuji monastery near Kyoto completely in 1571. His fight against the Ikko sect continued until 1580. Rather fortunate was Nobunaga concerning two of his most dangerous rivals in the East: Takeda Shingen and Uyesugi Kenshin. Both of them died before they were able to confront Nobunaga. After Shingen’s death, Nobunaga defeated the Takeda clan in the battle of Nagashino (1575), making use of modern warfare.
In 1582, general Akechi murdered Nobunaga and captured his Azuchi castle. Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a general fighting for Nobunaga, reacted very quickly, defeated Akechi, and took over control. Hideyoshi continued to eliminate remaining rivals. He restrained the Northern provinces and Shikoku in 1583 and Kyushu in 1587. After defeating the Hojo family in Odawara in 1590, Japan was finally reunited. In order to…


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