Islamic Seljuk Turks

The Islamic Seljuk Turks and the European Christians considered the crusades to be "holy wars" because the Christian military was trying to recapture the Holy land from the Muslims.The crusades were undertaken between the 11th and 14th century.Different motives influenced those who journeyed to the Holy land, and they were not all religious ones.The church offered many incentives to encourage men to take the Cross.
The word " crusade" refers to any war fought by divine command or for a primarily religious purpose.The Crusades were considered to be "holy wars" because the Christian crusaders invaded the Holy land. These Crusades applied solely to the European efforts to retake Jerusalem from the Muslims.Jerusalem was a sacred city to Christians because it was seen as the site of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Popes and Kings, eager for new land and wealth, encouraged crusaders.The crusades came from all over Europe.Most crusaders were knights and soldiers, but ordinary people also set out hoping to gain Gods approval.The Crusades may have been seen as "holy wars", but they were lasting terror and misery to the near East.There were eight major Crusades that took place during 1096 to 1270.In 1921, Muslims captured the city of Acre and the Holy land was lost to Christians forever.
Although the Crusades brought no lasting results in terms of military conquest, they were important in the development of trade.The reestablishment of traffic between the East and West, which after having been suspended for several centuries, was then resumed with even greater success.These trade routes generated a beneficial contact between the cultures.Many merchants from the cities of Venice and Genoa bought spices, sugar, cloth and cotton.Other merchants from Sicily and Aragorn traded Tunisian gold and Algerian wool and animal skins.Popular goods traded from the Middle East were su…


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