Islamic life

Islamic life, what you didn't know.
In the beginning of Islam civilization, the Islamic people were open-minded, but cautious on what people had to say. The Muslims adopted elements of Christianity, Judaism, and polytheistic beliefs and practices. In the early civilization, Islam advanced rapidly and dramatically, due to the knowledge on literature, art, and philosophy. While the Europeans were suffering the Dark Ages, Muslims felt they suffered abuse for their faith. Bloom and Blair discuss why this is one of the fastest growing religions worldwide and how they have successfully flourished.
Clearly, the most unifying aspect to the Islamic civilization was Muhammad, prophet of Islam. He was born in 570 to the clan of the Quraysh in Mecca. (Bloom,27). His father died before he was born and his mother died at the age of six. With little guidance from his grandfather and uncle, Muhammad was raised independently and self assertively. Mecca however, was still governed by the tribal societies of the desert and membership in the tribe was determined by blood descent. Although each tribe worshipped its own Gods, all Arabs worshipped the Kabba, located in Mecca.
Muhammad grew up working as a merchant's assistant and at the age of 25 he married Khadija, a wealthy widow with high social status. (Bloom,28). After the confusion and doubt on what to do with his life, Muhammad left the Meccan society and lived in isolation on Mount Hira, where he received hisfirst revelation at the age of 40, and began to spread the faith of God or Allah. (Bloom, 29). Muhammad believed these revelations were from God given to him by the Angel Gabriel. These visions attracted followers from all over and what is now called the Quran. The message he tried to convey was that there is only one God and you must submit to God's will. He became kind of a social activist, who was critical of polytheism, materialism and the unjust treatment of the po…


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