Imperialism and the US in 1900

Imperialism is the pursuit of colonial empires.Many countries took part in this, but none quite like the United States.The motivation that the United States had to get involved in such an enormous task wasfirst shown in Samoa in 1889.After that important part of United States history, there were many more events that occurred in the eyes of United States imperialism.There were many positive aspects concerning America's intervening with other countries' affairs.These proved to shape the society of not only the U.S., but as well as the other countries which were involved.
The reasoning behind the United States' involvement was somewhat simple.Just as other countries, such as Great Britain, that were taking part in imperialism, the U.S. acted because of economic power as well as the reputation that they held among other countries.It seemed obvious that it was easier for an industrial worker to be aided by a machine. The number of products was significantly greater than before. In the mean time, while looking for new suppliers as well as new consumers (other countries), the U.S worried that there would be competition.America, just as many other industrialized nations, set out on a mission to colonize with the hopes of dominating the industrial world.
Some felt that the U.S. needed to spread the Christian community and political system to other parts of the world.Although, others, such as Alfred Thayer Mahan, thought that the regions conquered overseas would make America more powerful and give them more steamship fueling stations and naval bases.This reason, rather than cultural aspects, led to the face-off between America, Great Britain, and Germany in Samoa in 1889.The U.S. gained control over Eastern Samoa, while Germany had conquered Western Samoa.
The United States, throughout the next 18 years, would embark on many journeys to gain power and wealth,first in Cuba.Here, the U.S. saw…


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