hydrogen and atom bombs

In this world there is a little known thing called power.Power is what gave the United States and the Soviet Union the right to dominate wars.During the Cold War the U.S. and the Soviet Union had a race to make the most powerful bomb in the world, them hydrogen bomb. This lead to the creation of the atom bomb, which put a stop to World War II. Both of the countries had many scientist, nuclear physicist, and chemist on the job.The main brain of this leadership to make the bomb in the Soviet Union was a man named Andrey Dmitryevich Sakharov.He was a nuclear physicist and is considered the father of the Soviet Union's hydrogen bomb.Even though Sakharovfirst invented a viable hydrogen bomb, a man named Edward Teller came up with thefirst product called the hydrogen bomb, which was tested and used in 1952.With all of this power now in the air, the impact of the bombs consequences is very deadly.The hydrogen bomb came in four different sizes: the Tritium bomb, the De!
uterium bomb, the Booster bomb, and the Fission-Fusion-Fission bomb.The pressure to develop the hydrogen bomb increased in the United States after the Soviet Union detonated itsfirst atomic bomb in August 1949.The Atomic bomb is what lead up to this entire power race with other countries.Robert J. Oppenheimer, led an American team during World War II to produce the Atomic bomb.The Atomic bomb is an explosive device that depends upon the release of energy in a nuclear reaction known as fission, which is the splitting of atomic nuclei (Grolier 1).It was thefirst race between the USSR and the U.S. in which we won.We came up with thefirst product over the Soviet Union in 1945.
Edward Teller (1908-) was a Hungarian-American physicist known for his work on the hydrogen bomb.Teller was born in Budapest and educated in Germany at the Institute of Technology in Karisruhe and the universities of Munich and Leipzig.In 1941, he became…


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