Huroun al-Rashid Vs. Shi Huangdi

Shi Huandgdi, thefirst emperor of the Qin Dynasty and Huran al-Rashid the fifth caliph of the Abbasid dynasty are viewed more as great builders than cruel tyrants.
Shi Huangdi was a great builder from the start; ascending to the thrown at the early age of 13 at 246 BCE, he immediately began construction of his extraordinary mausoleum, which was completed soon after his death in 210 BCE.Shi Hanged is remembered as the ruler who united the clans of ancient China, in doing so, he ordered the construction of a vast infrastructure of roads and canals and the connection of various border walls of his kingdom into one great wall, The Great Wall of China.Shi Hong also is responsible for building the eight wonder of the world.The Terracotta Army which was found in the center of Shi Huangdi's mausoleum.The army faces the east guarding his tomb from the enemies he vanquished during his reign.The achievements alone would compare easily with the accomplishments of Augustus or Alexander the Great of Greece, however Shi Hanged was also a tyrannical despot and ruled with an iron hand for many years, handing down draconian laws and levying large tax rates to oppress the commoners of ancient China and to maintain his tight hold on the monarchy.For example, books written by past teacher like Confucius "were burned and destroyed for fear that people would read them and complain about their current state of life." (National Geographic Magazine p. 13).Without his hold on the monarchy and his tyrannical rule, exercising power in a harsh and cruel manner, Shi Haungdi could not have become the great builder he is known as today.
Shi Huangdi was not the only great builder during the classical civilization era.Caliph Haroun al-Rashid was the fifth caliph of the Abbasid dynasty and grandson of Al-Mansour.Al-Rashidwas not a real student of politics, and was more a patron of learning, music, and t


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