HUAC — AntiCommunism

In the film Guilty by Suspicion, we are introduced to a time over 50 years ago. WWI is over but anti-communist sentiment still runs across the country.The House Un-American Committee probes into the actions of citizens of the United States tied to the communist party.Specifically, we see this Committee, or HUAC, attack the Hollywood community for their ties to spreading Communist propaganda.Suspected Communists lose their jobs and the respect of their peers.The committee of congressmen interrogating the suspects is portrayed behind a strong wooden wall, above those they are questioning.They are portrayed as mean, yelling men, who do not care for the truth.HUAC was able to act the way it did when searching into Communist activities with the backing of the American public due to the strong sentiment against Communism.
Socialism is the belief that a government should control the means of production and distribution in their society.With this purpose in mind, the Social Democratic party was formed in the United States.This party believed to achieve their goal a moderate, evolutionary approach was needed. Others, however, disagreed, emphasizing a more revolutionary means to achieve the reforms they desired.Followers of this group of thought separated from the Social Democratic Party to later form the Communist Party of the USA.
The Communist Party planned bombings and strikes, and as a result anti-communist advances were taken. Lead by Attorney General Mitchell Palmer, raids were aimed at communist radicals, and more than 5,000 were arrested.
With the collapse of the Soviet Union and the releasing of Russian records, government officials discovered that suspicions toward the Communist party had sufficient proof.According to John Haynes, author of Red Scare or Red Menace, Russian communists subsidized the American Communists, trained members in the USSR and kept thousands of pages of records of American activity….


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