How WW1 Affected…

a. the role of the national government in American life?
World War II caused many changes in government intervention in everyday American life.FDR's role as a leader during the war enabled him to gain more power for the president in order to make decisions for the country.During WWII, most of the American society stood behind thewar effort, and supported him fully.The American people were able to shake off the last few signs of depression and help to turn the economy to war-time mode.The government did not need as much propaganda to encourage the American national pride.
b. The relationship between government and the economy
WWII helped to save America's struggling economy.Because of WWII the depression was finally put to rest and Americans economy did a full circle.FDR and the government set up operations, such as the War Productions Board and others to help keep America's economy stable and producing during the war. Unimportant products were put aside and businesses began to manufacture things necessary for the war effort.Other operations were set up to keep everything going smoothly during the war such as theOffice of Price Administration to help curb inflations, The War Labor Board, which kept ceilings on wage increases, and the Smith-Connally Act which prevented labor unions from striking.
During WWII many different minority groups experienced major changes in their way of life. Women experienced a major changes in their role in society during the war.Many women had to fill in while the men were away at war, and stepped up to fill the men's work.Women in the factory greatly increased, which caused daycare centers to rise up. When the war ended most women did return to their previous lifestyle, but many continued to work in the factories.
African Americans during this time period also had a


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