How World War II Affected Women in Canada

World War II had a significant impact on most of the countries. Although Canada was
not attacked, the war had an enormous impact on Canada. Because the men were sent out
of the country to fight the war, the condition of women who were left alone at home,
were noticeable. The war affected women in many different ways. Watching Bye Bye
Blues made it clear to me that the World War II changed the lives and the social status of
Women had to face many hardships in Canada during the war. The principle role of
women at that time was as wives and mothers. However, because the men were not at
home at the wartime, women had to be the "head of the family". They had to not only
take care of the family but also work to fulfill the needs of the family. People, who
thought that women were supposed to stay at home and raise the children, didn't like the
women going out to work. At that time in Canada, there weren't many jobs for women.
Women of the middle-class or lower-class had limited choices for good job, because it
required good education and skills to get higher level jobs. Many women at that time
worked as sales clerks and telephone operators. Many of them had to learn new skills to
get the work. They were normally paid poorly. They had a hard time getting used to the
new situation of handling everything by themselves. They had to work hard to survive. In
the movie Bye Bye Blues, Daisy, the main character shows how the women like her in
Canada had to live to survive the situation. Daisy has to work hard to make her position
in the band. Working hard to get money and taking care of children at the same time
require lots of hard work and determination.
The lives of many women at that time were very lonely as they had to live without
their husbands or brothers. The whole responsibility of raising the family was on them.


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