How We Could Have Prevented Pearl Harbor

On December 7th, 1941, Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese air force relentlessly. On that horrible day over 2400 Americans died because of that attack, and even more were injured. This cowardly attack on Pearl Harbor angered the U.S.A. and immediately brought us into the war. The U.S.A. would be determined to bring down the axis powers all over the earth. This was the start of World War II. But could the attack on Pearl Harbor been prevented and stopped before any real damage was done? There were many factors that played a great part in the destruction of Pearl Harbor that could have been prevented with a simple order. Little or no precautions were made in case there was an attack. Even though the U.S.A. was expecting an attack on Pearl Harbor. Simple negotiations were turned down by the U.S.A., which enraged the Japanese government. Also safety precautions were not used because of lack of funds. This essay is about how the U.S.A. with a few simple common sense decisions, precautionary measures, and no expenses spared, could of saved 2400 lives and the devastation of many more (Slackman, 107-108).
Before that dreaded day on December 7th, 1941 the allied forces were already fighting the axis powers. The U.S.A. refused to get involved in the war. But sent pilots, supplies, and equipment to the allied forces so that they could keep up with the axis forces that were much powerful and stronger. The axis could easily destroy the allied powers without the aid of the U.S.A. economy. The axis powers didn’t like this at all. Many countries on the axis side tried to agree with the U.S.A. government to stop supplying the other countries if the U.S.A. wasn’t in the war. The U.S.A. denied their compromises and continued to support allied troops. This angered the Japanese extremely, and the U.S.A. knew it. The Japanese were going to take out a naval base that was the only major threat to the Japanese, Pearl Harbor. Both sides knew that it w…


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