How is Julius Caesar

Many may ask, how is the death of Julius Caesarrelevant today or whether there really is any relevance to the people of Rome some two months after his’ death.
It has been more than two months after the assignation of the great Julius Caesar, but many are pondering that how will his death affect their lives? There are many answers to this question depending on whether or not you were a follower of Julius Caesar or support Brutus’ claim that he killed Caesar for the people of Rome’s well being.
Which side you pick is up to you but, the life of Julius Caesar is still relevant today in the aspect of how Rome should be ruled.
Brutus gave a speech to Caesar’s people explaining the assignation of Caesar and seemed to have convinced them that the assignation of Caesar was to protect the people of Rome.
Is this suggesting that Julius Caesar was a bad leader or is this an act of jealousy on the part of Brutus.
This wasthe topic on the minds of many of Julius Caesar’s followers but Brutus convinced them that having Caesar as Emperor of Rome was going to put the Future of Rome is jeopardy. Therefore according to Brutus, Julius Caesar would not make a good emperor.
So does that mean we must have the qualities of Brutus to be a successful ruler of Rome and neglect Caesar’s qualities? That is what future candidates for the title of Emperor of Rome must consider, But it always comes back to the people of Rome of whether or not an Emperor will be successful or a failure. Julius Caesar was not short of supporters, he seemed to have the love and compassion needed to be emperor but according to Brutus, The people of Rome would put themselves in danger by having Caesar as Emperor, so Brutus had to make sure that Caesar would not become emperor and what better way to assure this than killing him, that would make sure he wouldn’t become emperor but what about the people, it always comes back to the people, he must convince them that killing…


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