How far did anti-Semitism worsen between the two World Wars

In 1656 Oliver Cromwell stated that the Jews were allowed in England. Slowly the community grew and by 1830 there were around 20,000 to 30,000 Jews living in England. Before 1858 Jews were not welcomed very well in England but as they anglicised people began to accept them. By 1880 the Jewish population was 80,000.
Palestine was a British mandate, the Balfore declaration promised the Jews a homeland in Israel but the Arabs didn't want the Jews to live there, this created violence and the English people didn't like what was going on in Palestine, so blamed the Jews, this increased anti-Semitism.
After the First World War the Balshik's took over, England was against communism, this became a problem for Jews because England didn't want immigrants bringing in communist ideas, but so many Jews were immigrating from Russia's persecution.
England set up thefirst Aliens Act in 1908, this allowed refugees from religious and political persecution to emigrate, but the conditions were that they had to be able to support their families.
The second Aliens Act was in 1919, because of the communist victory in Russia in 1917, England lessened the number of people allowed to emigrate and all immigrants had to keep an ID card.
The experiences of the First World War made the Jews more assimilated in the communities, they integrated more and were more English because they had been going to English schools, in the 1920's the second generation of immigrated Jews began to prosper.Jews and non-Jews mixed socially, Jews were now allowed to join local activities such as tennis clubs. The Jews now had relative prosperity. In Manchester many were moving out of their slum houses in Bed Bank and began to move into new houses in places like, Prestwich and Crumpsall.
In England in the 1920's there was a fascist group set up by Miss Linton Orman, her ideas were taken from Mussolini, the founder of fa…


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