It's always said is good to make peace with your past. Well for me that's not the case. It's too hard to let go a painful past and all the things I went through.
From the early 1930's through mid 1940's leaving in Germany were years that no one would ever forget. Through these years of horror, coldness and pain, lots of Jewish blood was washing the grounds of Germany and others doing what they could do to get food but also for their own lives. Hitler and the Nazis wanted us the Jew all to suffer and die because they believe Jews shouldn't share the planet with the rest of the people. So he orders to make our lives a living hell.
Let me introduce myself, my named is James Miller. Born in Berlin July 15 1915. My Father Mr. Joseph Miller a doctor, my mother Mrs. Adel Miller a housewife and part-time teacher, and my two younger sisters Linda of 17yrs old and Suzette of 14yrs old.We were a close family and happy. My mama and papa (that's how we called them) made our lives a living joy. We would do all sort of family things like my mother and my two younger sisters would play the piano; they would watch me play soccer on the weekends. "Hey kids go finish your homework and in a little while dinner would be ready." Those were the kind words of my mother right after we would come home from school. My mama was a great housewife, she would take care of use very well, wake us up in the morning with a good warm breakfast, then she would sent us to school and then right after school she would have some good snack and sent us to do our homework. Every time we couldn't understand the homework she would come sit with us and explain in detail what was to be done. She was very smart lady.My papa was a good man and a great doctor. He saved lots of his patient's lives. He also was a good husband and father to us. But our happiness was soon to be over when the Nazis decided to dominate our li…


I'm Sandulf

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