Adolf Hitler profoundly affected human history. He was a captivating speaker, and a mighty ruler. Hitler had many visions and tactics to achieve his ongoing struggle for power. His personality, The Treaty of Versailles, and the economic depression helped him to achieve his goals.

From an early age Hitler had strong political views, German nationalism and roots of anti-Semitism. He joined the German Army and fought in WWI. The Weimar Republic was developed in Germany, and faced many problems from the start. Many Germans disliked the representatives because they had signed the hated Versailles Treaty. The Treaty blamed Germany for WWI, took away land, and left billions of dollars in reparations. During this time Hitler was writing in a well known newspaper, and attracting followers. After the war he settled down in Munich, Germany where he began his rise to power.

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Hitler had many tactics in order to gain success and power. He used the hatred of the Treaty of Versailles in his favor. He knew the German public was weak and corrupted and would follow him because he was against the Weimar republic and the communists. As the Great Depression moved forward unemployment rose, where thousands of people flocked to Nazi party gatherings in search of a free meal and companionship, Hitler's ideas also gave them hope. He promised benefits to the peasants, workers, and the middle class. Hitler was successful in encouraging people to join the Nazi party, and in 1932 they had become the largest single party in the Reichstag.

By 1921, Hitler had gained control of the National Socialist German Workers' party, better known as the Nazi party through his popularity among nationalists and effectiveness in his speaking. There were many economic struggles around 1922-23 due to the French occupation of Ruhr which weakened support for the Weimar republic. In 1923 the Nazi party had grown from 6,000 members to 50,000 in about a year. Believing …


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