"Mein Kampf!" Adolf Hitler would say.Adolf Hitler should be the Person Of the
Century.Hitler has changed the world.He caused technology to evolve.Adolf was the
most ruthless killer ever.Adolf Hitler is the scariest person to ever live.
The world was changed by Hitler.Hitler tore up the Treaty of Versailles because
he was restricted to a limited amount of war supplies and soldiers.He killed almost
7,000,000 Jews because they might "contaminate" German blood.Adolf Hitler violated
the Treaty of Versailles by building 2,500 warplanes and created an army of 500,000.
Hitler cause technology to evolve.Japan bombed Pearl Harbor thus causing the
United States to use the Atom Bomb which they had originally created to use against
Germany.We made better communication technology such as the Two-way Radio.
Even when we were creating the Atom Bomb, Hitler was creating new weapons such as
the Machine Gun Train.Technology took two steps forward but humanity took one
The most ruthless killer to ever live was Hitler.No other single person has ever
killed as many people as he did.Hitler killed over 6,000,000 Jews for his own personal
gain.With the help of Heinrich Himmler and Joseph Mengele, he tortured and killed
over 6,000,000 Jews and about 3,000,000 people who were flawed and didn't fit into his
perfect community.If it wasn't for Oscar Schindler and others many more would have
also died.Hitler was a coward and a murderer.
The Person Of the Century should be Adolf Hitler.Adolf Hitler was the most
ruthless killer to ever live.Hitler caused technology to evolve.Hitler has changed the
world.Hitler was probably thefirst person to have a definite seat in Hell and that's
where he deserves to be.That is why Hitler is the Person Of the Century.


What can be said about Adolph Hitler that already has not been said?Scores of books have been written about him, many people have tried to analyze him, I even heard that he has been portrayed in movies the most out of all other historical figures.Of course there are those goof balls that say he escaped to Argentina after the war (I would not be surprised if those same people think Elvis is still alive).
So why do so many people write about a man that Nostradamus called an anti-Christ?They do it so that we may analyze specific patterns that may lead to abhorrent activities later, or the things that Hitler did were so horrific, they need some other explanation other than he was just a psycho-maniac hell bent on ruling the world.This is what Rudolph Binion has done here.He does a fine job weaving a mesh of possible insight into Hitler's conscience and sub-conscience.My question is: How can we ever know if this analysis is accurate?I realize that neither psychoanalysis nor psycho-history are exact sciences, but when you take into account the theories of Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud, Binion's ideas take on a degree of merit.
I must say that this was a hard read.I found the names, facts and situations very difficult to follow.Therefore, I am going to examine the parts in which I found graspable.First, there is the issue of Adolph and his mother.Many questions arise when examining their relationship.Why did Klara feel that she needed to breast feed for such an extended period of time? Why would Klara breast-feed young Adolph when breast-feeding was not a common practice in that area at that time?She had lost two children previous to the birth of Adolph.Guilt was the force that drove her actions.She felt that if she gave him all the love that she had, he would not die like the rest.Also, if she breast fed while Adolph was teething, the pain she was having inflicted on herself would, somehow, p…


The effect of the Great War was huge, on the countries involved. The worst effect countries were Germany, France and Great Britain as Germany had some 2 million men killed. But this is nothing to France's losses, France alone lost about 3 million troops, and about 5 million wounded, they lost about 75% of therewhole military force. Also a lot of French towns were destroyed, and hundreds of acres of farmland were destroyed, by the Germans. This crippled the French economy for a while. Great Britain also, received heavy casualties from the Great War, but they were not as badly affected as Germany and France were.
But it wasn't until after the war that Germany felt the full effect of the war, in June 1919 the allied countries met in Versailles in France to decide the peace treaty, and how to punish Germany. They decided to strip Germany of its colonies (Lorraine, South Denmark and Bavaria.) Also Germany had to pay a whopping fine of 6,600,000,000 pounds, to pay for all the damage caused. To make matters worse, France took over most of Germany's western Factories; further crippling Germany's economy, making it difficult for Germany to pay the money. Most of the German public were forced to live in shelters and eat in soup kitchens, as there country went poor, so did they. Germany had really hit rock bottom, as its economy collapsed, people found it hard to pay for groceries, as the Deutschmarks value plummeted to 2 million deutschmarks per American dollar, loads of bread became millions of deutschmarks, and people could not afford it. So after the war Germany was the worst affected country out of them all.
Also in Eastern Europe, the other European power, the Austro-Hungarian Empire was broken apart, into smaller countries, Czechoslovakia, Slovakia and Poland. So there was no longer to big Empires of Europe, they were replaced with smaller less powerful and less threatening smaller countries.


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